E-Commerce 101 – Switching for A More Sustainable Outcome

We live in a world surrounded by a generation who is keener making the planet a greener space to live in. With e-commerce continuing to play a huge role in all corners of the world, it only makes sense to find more sustainable ways to do it.

If you’re wondering what exactly does sustainable e-commerce mean, then we’ve got the answer for you. Breaking it down into simpler terms, a sustainable e-commerce is one with environmentally friendly transactions that also affect both you and the clients in a more positive manner.

So, if you’re an e-commerce business owner who is looking to begin a sustainable business or make the switch, then here is a list of things you can do. Chances are, it will help increase your business value whilst also meeting the requirements of your customers.

Change your shipping options

If you are partnered with a shipping service who releases carbon emission into the environment, not only are you encouraging such an act but you are also bound to have customers who would either complain or be reluctant to purchase goods from you. Many shipping services today offer greener solutions and partnering up with them instead can help you reach out to your clients more successfully due to having climate control shipping as a part of your service.

Make use of a greener packaging

There are many different kinds of packaging options out there and each differ from person to person and well as from industry to industry. However, the ultimate goal is to ensure no packaging brings harm to our mother nature.

The best way to start off with a greener packaging is to make use of recyclable materials. You can even consider biodegradable and organic materials for a positive change too! After all, owning a sustainable box packaging is only going to help your brand image further. 

Reduce the usage of paper

Whether you are an online business or an offline one, papers are always going to play a huge part in the stationary. However, having your business online means that you can actually try and reduce the usage of papers to a convenient extent.

This is one of the easiest moves towards making your e-commerce more environmentally friendly. The top most ways many companies do this is by using digital receipts rather than paper ones. After all, reducing the wastage of papers helps protect trees from being cut. 

Take a careful look at your delivery options

Aside from shipping, your delivery option is also one that can release harmful emission into the air if not done right. This is especially extra risky due to the number of deliveries as well as delivery returns. Although finding more greener means of delivery can be quite a challenge, the least any e-commerce owner can do is ensure deliveries are dispatched without any errors or need for returns. It is also wise to source and sell locally not just due to sustainability but rather also in terms of neighbourhood support.

So, let us know if you’re planning to make the switch and if so, what’s your first move going to be?