Important Factors to Remember When Taking Care of Your Car During Lockdown

If your country is still experiencing lockdowns and you and your car are still stuck at home, then you need to be more careful than ever. The biggest disservice that you could do to your car is neglecting it. There are a multitude of reasons that your car needs your regular attendance and we’re here to tell you what they are. If you’re only on lockdown for a few days then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you are under lockdown for multiple weeks, you could be in trouble.

Maintenance of your car is important, and we hear of all kinds of negligence related car trouble due to lockdown so we’re here to tell you how to avoid them. There are certain car accessories that can come in extremely handy for maintenance of the car, and one of them is the handbrake alarm. What this does is it begins ringing if you open the door without engaging the hand brake. If this sounds like a product that would come in useful for you (useful if you live in a hilly city like San Francisco) go ahead and get one for yourself at redarc handbrake alarm.

So, what are some of the things that you can do when under lockdown to keep your car in great running condition? Well first and foremost, wheat you want to do is to preserve the battery. The battery of a car is a fickle mistress, if you leave it unattended for too long it will simply not be there for you when you return (in other words the battery will die). You must not leave the car unattended for more than three days or the battery will begin to degrade, impacting the current level of charge and the longevity of the car battery. What you need to do is simple, every other day, visit your car in the car park, and idle the engine for a few minutes. Very simple. And as we will mention in the next point you can try to run it too.

This point only applies If you have a big enough car park or live in a private housing lane. Our cars like our bodies require some exercise now and again. And while it’s not going to become bloated and fat if it doesn’t exercise like we do, it might begin to develop mechanical issues which can easily be prevented. You don’t need to take it for a really long drive, just a few minutes will do to keep all the mechanisms nice and well oiled.

One thing that you want to avoid is engaging the handbrake for days at a time. Depending on where you live, you don’t really need the handbrake anyway, and you will find that the brake mechanism becomes stuck after a few days necessitating all kinds of messing around to get it unstuck (usually applying the brakes and driving it around a little tends to work).